Product Launch: Push to Card Payouts


Welcome to our very first product launch video series featuring new products created to meet our clients' ever-evolving payments needs. In this video, ConnexPay Product Marketing Manager Brian Woodford talks with Judson Preuss, Head of Product at ConnexPay, about what the Push to Card Payouts solution does and ConnexPay's partnership with Payouts Network, who powers this technology behind the scenes.

Push to Card Payouts allow businesses to instantly "push" a payment directly to a consumer's or another business's debit card. Recipients will receive a white-labeled email, sent from you and with your brand, to claim their payout, which is instantly deposited into their checking account via their debit card number. Push to Card technology eliminates the labor and cost associated with check and ACH payments and gives you end-to-end control of every payout, from creating to delivery and reconciliation.

With Push-to-Card technology, payments are easy, quick, safe, and transparent for businesses looking to pay other businesses or individuals. Get in touch with us today to see a demo and how Push to Card Payouts can enhance your payment options.

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