What to Look for When Choosing a Payment
Solutions Provider

Key considerations to keep top of mind

What you'll learn from our checklist:

  • Types of payment methods available
  • Why ease of integration matters
  • Payment gateway system features and must-haves
  • Payment processing fees/pricing models available
  • Critical security features to look out for
  • Key risk management considerations
  • Essential features for reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Why support matters
  • And much more

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Key Questions to Ask Prospective Solution Providers

What to look for when choosing a payment solutions provider - ConnexPay

Our checklist also covers the key questions we recommend you keep in mind when seeking a solution provider. 

By asking the right questions, you can assess the provider’s ability to meet your specific requirements, evaluate the costs associated with the solution, and ensure that it integrates with your existing systems. Additionally, asking questions can help you understand the security measures in place, the level of customer support provided, and the scalability of the solution. 

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